Hi! I'm Jay Dwayne

A Former Baby Technophile Servant Leader Digital Native Trophy Seer Software Engineer Winner Telecommunications Expert Change Agent King Web Developer Brand Ambassador Hope Dealer Bubble tea zealot Corporate MC 🎤 King Bug Bounty Hunter Car Enthusiast Life Long Learner Host Marketing Strategist Creative Thinker Selective Associator Motion Designer People Person Night Owl Winner Growth Junkie Writer Clairvoyant Sunset Fanatic Physics Fan Code Jack Petrol Head God Chaser Netizen Graphic Designer Polymath Wannabe Go Getter Talkshow Host Tech Writer Storyteller Content Creator Media Maven Chess Duke Quartely Dilettante Son Peripatetic Poker Chief Dreamer Philomath Serial Entreprenuer Martial Artist Movie Enthusiast Mathematician Child of God Maverick Serial Entreprenuer Gourmet Film Director Talent Agent Butt-kicker

Intentionally Creative
Inspired by dank memes and Big dreams :')

Analogue at birth, Digital by design.
You must be AMAZING.
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Jay Dwayne
Jay Dwayne

" A smooth sea never made a Skilled Sailor "